Horse training in the sand and dust
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Equine events, such as races and horse shows, provide excellent opportunities for horse enthusiasts to do what they love. However, those who put on such events take a significant risk. Horses can be dangerous, and they present a risk to participants and spectators alike. Therefore, as an equine event organizer, it is important to take steps to protect yourself from liability. In this article, we explain how to protect yourself from equine event liability. 

Limited Liability for Equine Activity Sponsors

Fortunately, the state of Florida limits the liability of those who sponsor equine events, such as the organizers of horse shows and competitions. However, to achieve maximum protection, relying on the law isn’t enough. For example, organizers of equine events should utilize postings and liability waivers. Liability waivers for equine events are common in the industry. Typically, an equine event organizer requires participants, riders, and visitors to sign a waiver that provides a release from liability for any accidents or injuries that occur during the event. However, the law regarding such waivers is complicated, so it’s imperative to work with an experienced attorney when drafting a liability waiver.  

Liability for Other Equine Activities 

Equine event organizers aren’t the only ones who face liability in Florida. Horse breeders, trainers, owners, and instructors also must take steps to limit their liability. One method for doing so is purchasing an equine liability insurance policy. This type of policy provides coverage for a variety of different types of liability, such as when a horse damages property or injures someone. 

Liability for Boarding Facilities  

In addition, horse boarding facilities must take steps to limit their liability. One way to do so is to purchase liability insurance to protect against the risk of accidents or injuries that take place on the property. In addition, facilities that board horses should consider posting signs on the property to warn of any known dangers. 

Equine Liability and Negligence

Although Florida law limits liability for equine accidents, there is an exception for injuries and accidents caused by negligence. In other words, if someone is injured in an equine injury due to negligence, then the person who is injured may sue the negligent party.

Contact a Wellington Equine Law Attorney 

Whether you are an equine event organizer or are otherwise involved in the equine industry, you must ensure that you remain protected from liability. And the best way to limit your liability is to contact a Florida equine law attorney. At Gueronniere, P.A., our experienced equine lawyer will take steps to ensure the protection of you and your business. Founding attorney Grace de la Gueronniere is highly experienced in the equine industry, and she knows what it takes to provide you with maximum liability protection. Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation with our talented equine law attorney.