Gueronniere, P.A.

Gueronniere, P.A. was founded by attorney Grace de la Gueronniere to provide exemplary legal representation to clients. Grace de la Gueronniere has the resources and knowledge base necessary to handle sophisticated legal concerns and the freedom to adapt dynamically to every client’s needs.

Simply stated, our mission is to achieve exceptional results for our clients, drive innovation in the practice of law, and pursue unparalleled excellence in everything we do.

Gueronniere, P.A. is a boutique goal-oriented law firm providing each of our clients with personalized legal services and solutions. No two legal issues are identical, and we take time to understand your case because it is as unique as you are. From the many cases we have worked on, we have seen the impact a tailored approach makes to ensure the best possible outcome. We pride ourselves on developing efficient and creative solutions to complex legal challenges required to achieve clients’ business and personal goals.

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Our Practice Areas

Gueronniere, P.A is a boutique law firm with offices in Wellington, Florida. The following (tabs) provide a general description of many of our practice areas. However, there are also specialized areas of law that we are familiar with.  If you have a legal situation that doesn’t appear to be in any of the practice areas described below, please give us a call to discuss your situation.  We will help you to find an attorney that suits your needs, whether at our firm or another law firm.  To learn more about our legal services, please reach out to our office today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Civil Litigation

Before entering the courtroom, we counsel clients in preventative measures to avoid problems that may give rise to litigation and alternative methods for resolving disputes, such as negotiation, mediation, or settlement, to avoid the expense of lengthy trials. While we work hard to resolve disputes early and amicably when possible, we’re always prepared to take cases to trial. We manage each client’s case operating as a strategic partner to develop and carry out a solid, cost effective plan of action that minimizes surprises and enhances the probability of a successful outcome.

  • Breach of contract and unjust enrichment;
  • Complex commercial and business litigation;
  • Emergency relief and injunctions;
  • Executive contract litigation;
  • Fraud and misrepresentation;
  • Partnership and fiduciary disputes; and
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.
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Corporate &
Business Law

To compete in today’s sophisticated and ever-changing corporate climate, businesses require strategic and timely legal services. At Gueronniere, P.A., we are committed to helping businesses succeed in today’s increasingly competitive environment. We take the time to get to know our clients and their companies so that we can develop customized strategies that resolve their challenges and drive their businesses forward.

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Equine Law

Grace de la Gueronniere provides legal services and consultation for equestrians ranging from riders and trainers to horse owners, facility owners, and show managers. Grace de la Gueronniere has several years of experience as an equine attorney and is herself a lifelong equestrian. With a wealth of experience in the equestrian industry, Grace de la Gueronniere gives clients personalized advice and representation tailored to the needs of the client with the utmost respect for confidentiality.

Equine Agreements: Protect yourself, your business and your horses with a bespoke agreement drafted by an equine layer with a clear understanding of the subject matter. Grace de la Gueronniere will make sure you are protected when it comes to horse sales, purchases, leases, breeding, training, and any other situation that’s just too important to take a chance on.

  • Horse purchase and sale agreements
  • Lease agreements;
  • Breeding agreements;
  • Genetic material and cloning agreements;
  • Training agreements;
  • Boarding agreements; and
  • Liability releases.

Equine Disputes: Grace de la Gueronniere uses her specialist knowledge and expertise to get the best possible result for you. A lifelong equestrian, Grace de la Gueronniere understands equine issues from your perspective and uses her unique perspective to protect and defend your interests. We represent clients in all manner of equine disputes, including:

  • Disputes following sale, including breach of contract,
  • misrepresentation and warranty matters;
  • Disputes concerning lease agreements;
  • Disputes regarding damage caused to or by horses;
  • Disputes concerning breeding;
  • Disputes regarding horse cloning;
  • Disputes regarding horse cloning;
  • Disputes regarding ownership of genetic material;
  • Veterinary malpractice matters;
  • Negligence disputes.

Investigations, Appeals, and Disciplinary Procedures: Grace de la Gueronniere represents riders, trainers, committees, and entities in relation to investigations and appeals involving the USEF and FEI.

  • USEF rule violations including alleged misconduct or alleged violation of drug and medication rules

Competition Management: Competition management must deal with an increasingly complex set of federation regulations, liability and risk management issues, sponsorship relations, supplier contracting, and matters concerning licensed officials and competitors.

  • Operational consulting;
  • FEI and USEF applications;
  • USEF protests & hearings;
  • Competition date matters;
  • Sponsorship relations; and
  • Risk management.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Gueronniere, P.A. delivers comprehensive strategies to help clients throughout all stages of their lives. We serve as trusted advisors to clients from all walks of life, including high net worth individuals, families and businesses. We concentrate on developing individualized solutions that help clients manage and protect their assets, property and businesses today and in the future. We offer a wide range of services to help our clients meet their estate planning and wealth management goals, including:

Estate & Trust Planning

We counsel clients through all aspects of estate and trust planning. We use a full array of legal tools to develop comprehensive estate plans that give our clients the protections and peace of mind they are seeking.

Business Succession Planning

Transitioning or winding down a business is a complicated process that requires advanced planning so that your future goals and desires can be achieved. We take a process-oriented approach to help clients structure business succession plans that fully address the unique needs and demands of their companies.

Wills & Trusts

We know the importance of taking a personalized approach in wills and trust matters. We work with individuals and families to develop the legal documents they need to ensure that their property and personal belongings are protected and transferred according to their wishes.

Charitable Planning

We are adept at helping clients contribute to the charities and causes that are most important to them. We work to develop creative plans and strategies to achieve our clients’ charitable objectives.

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