Wellington Horse Breeding Business Formation Lawyer

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Florida, and especially Wellington, is a well-known equine capital. Multiple breeds and types of horses live, breed, and are sold in Florida. If you are considering entering the horse breeding business, there are many factors you want to consider before proceeding. 

Contact Wellington horse breeding attorney Grace de la Gueronniere when you are ready to discuss the steps needed to set up your horse breeding business. Grace is a lifelong equestrian passionate about using her legal experience to represent individuals in the equine industry. Gueronniere, P.A. can counsel you on how to set up your business and provide ongoing legal advice tailored to your needs and goals.

Formation of Your Wellington Horse Breeding Business

Grace de la Gueronniere is a highly skilled corporate and equine attorney. As you seek to set up your horse breeding business, consulting with Gueronniere, P.A. can help you set your company up for success and protect it in the future. Grace advises on many aspects of the business formation and operation of horse breeding businesses in Wellington.

Choose and Setup a Business Structure

One of the first steps Gueronniere, P.A. can help you decide for your business is the type of business structure for the company. Business structures determine how you share ownership, pay taxes, and are protected from liability if something happens. Usually, you will be choosing to set up your horse breeding business as a:

  • Partnership 
  • Corporation 
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Sole proprietorship

Grace will advise you on which structures are best for your goals. And she will help you set up the business structure by preparing any foundational documents required.

Ensure Compliance with Laws Regarding Breeding Horses in Wellington

Gueronniere, P.A. can help you comply with setting up and operating your horse breeding business. For example, Palm Beach County requires livestock owners to build a fence to keep horses within the property. Moreover, when moving a horse into or out of Florida, you must obtain the required documentation and tests for the horse. Gueronniere, P.A. can advise you on these requirements as you create your business plan.

Determine Insurance Needed

Grace is ready to advise you on the types of insurance you may need when setting up your horse breeding business. There are many types of insurance for you to consider for your horse breeding business, especially if you are boarding horses you do not own. Medical insurance, which covers unexpected illnesses, is another type of insurance you may consider.

Operating Your Horse Breeding Business

Gueronniere, P.A. also offers general counsel services to businesses without in-house counsel, so they can benefit from legal advice when needed. 

Establish Breeding Contracts and Equine Sale Contracts

Typically, you want to have a breeding contract in place to breed your horses to avoid disputes. Disputes you can prevent with proper breeding contracts include:

  • When one of the horses has a health condition that affects breeding or the foal 
  • The meaning of a live foal guarantee
  • The availability of the stallion for breeding

Breeding contracts can also require facilities to have liability insurance to care for horses that the business boards.

Florida laws regarding horse sales and purchases require a written agreement to sell any horse in Florida. Gueronniere, P.A. can assist you with navigating the requirements of an effective contract while complying with Florida laws to ensure you have the written agreement and have made all required disclosures.

If you offer training, stable services, or other services to clients, you will also want to ensure that you have a contract that protects you from liability in case something happens to the horse or equipment.

Create Effective Employment and Service Contracts

To run your horse breeding business, you will likely need to hire employees or contract with other companies to provide services. Effective contracts will set forth the terms of the agreement between you and the employee or other business while protecting you in case either of you cannot fulfill your duties to each other. 

Grace advises and creates contracts so that you can hire employees to help run your horse breeding business and contract for services as you need them.

Understand the Tax Benefits of Breeding Horses

Gueronniere, P.A. can help you understand the tax benefits of breeding horses. For example, your business may be eligible for a lower property tax rate in Wellington when horse breeding activities are considered agricultural. Property classified as agricultural is taxed at the agricultural-use rate, which is lower than other rates. You must apply through the local county property appraisal office to obtain the agricultural classification.

Moreover, many of your expenses associated with your horse breeding business may be deductible for federal tax purposes. Hiring Grace de la Gueronniere to consult regarding tax planning can ensure you are not overpaying for local and federal taxes.

Follow Breeding Guidelines from Breeding Associations or Equine Welfare Organizations

Many breeding associations and equine welfare organizations have specific requirements that must be met when breeding types of horses. Grace can assist you with navigating these requirements.

Contact Gueronniere, P.A. for Assistance with Your Wellington Horse Breeding Business Planning

With years of experience in the equine industry and as a corporate and business attorney, Wellington horse breeding attorney Grace de la Gueronniere is well-positioned to help you navigate the legal minefield of setting up your horse breeding organization. Contact Gueronniere, P.A. for a free consultation to begin planning for your horse breeding business.