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If you are a serious equine competitor, it may benefit you to obtain a sponsorship. In the equine industry, competitors and companies both benefit from sponsorships. From the company’s viewpoint, sponsoring an equestrian athlete can mean increased exposure and goodwill. For the sponsored party, benefits may include increased credibility, free gear, and promotion. However, to benefit from a sponsorship, both parties must enter a sponsorship agreement. Before entering any agreement, it’s important to work with an experienced attorney. In this article, we discuss equine competition sponsorships and the importance of seeking the assistance of an equine law attorney.  

Obtaining an Equine Competition Sponsorship

As noted above, there are many benefits to obtaining an equine competition sponsorship. If you’re interested in obtaining a sponsorship, there are several steps you should take, including: 

Keep your expectations realistic: First, when seeking an equine competition sponsorship, you should keep in mind that most sponsorships for entry-level endorsees are for products—not money. In fact, even endorsers who have substantial reputations often receive products only. However, it’s possible to begin with a limited sponsorship and renegotiate your deal down the line. 

Build influence: Brands like to work with competitors who can influence potential purchasers of their products. In the past, sponsorships were typically limited to competitive riders at the top of the sport. However, technology—particularly social media—has changed this. You no longer have to be a top competitor to have influence and obtain a sponsorship. Equine brands have expanded to social media to offer sponsorships to individuals with large and loyal fanbases. So, in addition to improving your equine competition skills, you should work to build a following on social media; this will increase your sponsorship options. 

Demonstrate your value: Finally, many aspiring endorsers often make the mistake of asking companies what they can do for them. Instead, as an equine competitor, you should be demonstrating your value to sponsoring companies. As noted above, companies sponsor athletes in an effort to sell more products and expand their brand recognition. Therefore, when seeking an equine competition sponsorship, you should make a solid case for the ways in which you can benefit the brand and its products. If you can convince a sponsor that you can add value to their brand, you are one step closer to obtaining an equine competition sponsorship. 

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

Whether you currently have a sponsorship deal, or you are seeking sponsorship opportunities, it’s important to consult with an experienced equine law lawyer. Since sponsorships are binding agreements, legal review is key to ensure that you comply with the terms of the deal and obtain maximum benefit from your sponsorship. 

Contact a Wellington Equine Law Lawyer 

Finally, if you’d like to obtain an equine competition sponsorship in the state of Florida, you need an experienced equine law lawyer on your side. the experienced Wellington equine law attorney at Gueronniere, P.A. will advise you on your equine competition sponsorship agreement and take the steps necessary to ensure that is both beneficial to you and legally enforceable. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced equine law lawyer.